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Deploy Authorizer on Railway


This guide explains how to deploy a ready-to-use Authorizer instance on Railway.

Railway is a deployment platform where you can provision infrastructure, develop with that infrastructure locally, and then deploy to the cloud.

Railway aims to be the simplest way to develop, deploy, and diagnose issues with your application.


To follow along, you need a Railway account. If you don't have one, you can visit the link above and click on "Login" in the top right corner to log in either with your GitHub account or email.

Deploy an Authorizer Instance

Deploy production ready Authorizer instance using railway.app with postgres and redis for free

Click the button below to deploy an Authorizer instance to Railway quickly.

Deploy on Railway

Follow the below steps after clicking the button:

Before getting started on below steps make sure you have given permission to railway for further deployments as it will create a repository in your github account.

Setup Instance

  • Open authorizer instance endpoint in browser
  • Sign up as an admin with a secure password
  • Configure environment variables from authorizer dashboard. Check env docs for more information

Note: DATABASE_URL, DATABASE_TYPE and DATABASE_NAME are only configurable via platform envs

Update Instance

Update existing Authorizer on existing instance

  • You can update the Docker image to the desired version in your repository which gets created with your deployment.

  • You can find all the versions on GitHub or dockerhub

Last updated on December 2, 2022