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Deploy / Try Authorizer using binaries. With each Authorizer Release binaries are baked with required deployment files and bundled. You can download a specific version of it for the following operating systems:

  • Mac OSX
  • Linux

Getting Started

Step 1: Download and unzip bundle

  • Download the Bundle for the specific OS from the release page

Note: For windows, we recommend running using docker image to run authorizer.

  • Unzip using following command

    • Mac / Linux
    tar -zxf AUTHORIZER_VERSION -c authorizer
  • Change directory to authorizer

    cd authorizer

Step 2: Configure environment variables

Required environment variables are pre-configured in .env file. But based on the production requirements, please configure more environment variables. You can refer to environment variables docs for more information.

Step 3: Start Authorizer

  • Run following command to start authorizer


Note: For mac users, you might have to give binary the permission to execute. Here is the command you can use to grant permission xattr -d com.apple.quarantine build/server

That's all you need to start a server.

Running binary for production

Often we deploy our services on linux machine and run them as daemon process, you can do same with authorizer. After following the above mentioned steps you can follow this steps to create a daemon process:

Step 1: Create a systemd service file

  • Run following command in your terminal to create a service file
    sudo touch /etc/systemd/system/authorizer.service

Step 2: Configure service file

  • Copy following content into /etc/systemd/system/authorizer.service


Step 3: Start Service

Run following commands in your terminal

  • Reload configurations: sudo systemctl daemon-reload
  • Restart authorizer: sudo systemctl restart authorizer
Last updated on March 20, 2022